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Bhanacoyne Serndipity had a red letter day at the Fife Show in Rugby on Sunday. She won best kitten in Cats of the North Special, and Best in Show kitten. We are all very proud of her especially as she was born six days premature As well as being very beautiful she has a wonderful personality and likes nothing better than a nice warm lap to sit on.
Bhanacoyne Archimedes and Bhanacoyne Allegra also did very well both getting their EX.1

Thank you Josie for preparing, and showing her so beautifully

Bhanacoyne Serafina did really well at her first show in Leeds getting her Ex1.
We are very proud of her.

We're very proud of them all!

FIFe Show, Milton Keynes on the 25th January 2008.
Bhanacoyne Allegra got her EX1
Bhanacoyne Serindipity got her EX1 and BIV
Bhanacoyne Albert Antonius got his EX1 and was nominated.
FIFe Show, Leeds, September 2007
FIFe Winners Show, November 2007
Bhanacoyne Serafina did really well at the Winners Show in November, getting her Ex1 and she was nominated for Best in Show.
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